From our Middlesbrough base Ironopolis Medical Group offer a range of healthcare services to Teesside and North East businesses large and small.

Please find an introduction to our health services below, for an informal discussion of your corporate healthcare needs please contact us.

Occupational Health

occupational healthCompanies who choose to invest in occupational health services have healthier employees, lower sickness absence rates and reduced work related stress which leads to increased productivity. Work with us to develop an Occupational Health Plan.

Pre Employment Medicals and Screening

Pre Employment Medicals and ScreeningEmployee health assessments are one of the cornerstones of how an Occupational Health organisation can help your company. Select from our broad range of employee health assessments.

Workplace Assessment

Workplace AssessmentArrange an Occupational Health risk assessment by skilled analysts. Protect the health of your workforce and maintain productivity.

Bespoke Healthcare Packages

Bespoke Healthcare PackagesWe can help facilitate a fit, resilient and motivated workforce. Develop a tailored Corporate Healthcare Package to benefit your business.